NEWSFLASH MAY 2013: New and improved pricing!

Our signature products are sterling silver necklaces made from vintage charm bracelets with background stories. These are kept intact as they were worn by their original owner, and they are made so that they can be worn in their original form as bracelets as well. See those at the "signature story necklaces" pull down menu in the "products" tab above.

Harriet's Love Nest

In searching for unique bracelets, we often come upon special and, dare we say charming, loose charms and bracelets that have lost their history. Still full of craftsmanship, they are worth saving from the scrap melt. We make these into smaller scale and custom pieces. See more by pulling down to "two charmers" in the "products" tab above.

Time Flies

After experimenting with gallery-based retail, we've decided the price mark up doesn't make sense. We're in the process of setting up an Etsy storefront, under the name "The Charm Bracelet Rescue Project." In the meantime, you can buy direct from us.

You can track emerging products by signing up on our Facebook page. Undoubtedly, our story and our produts will continue to evolve, just like a charm bracelet!