Here's a sample of the one-of-a-kind vintage pieces we have right now. Where we have a true story behind the charms, you'll see it in first-person narrative. In many cases, we have additional pieces of the story, and sometimes photos or other momentos, that we'll pass on to you to enjoy and preserve.

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This slide show features our "signature" story necklaces: one-of-a-kind necklaces made from intact vintage charm bracelets. Please click on any picture to get more detail about its particular story and charms. Prices range from $68 to $248 depending on size, vintage and history.


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Hearts of Goldie- NEW

Goldie was a popular woman, with perhaps many suitors, if this puffy heart necklace is any indicator! Each of the hearts are engraved with names or initials. Such tokens of love and friendship were popular in Victorian times, with a big revival in the 1940s.

Florida: 1940s


  • Puffy heart with engraved flowers: engraved "R.P. to Goldie" on back
  • Large plain puffy heart engraved "Goldie" on one side, "W.K." on reverse
  • Repousee puffy heart, engraved "J.S.S." on back
  • Puffy heart with engraved design: engraved "Ed to Goldie" on back
  • Large repousee puffy heart with thistle design, engraved "Leo" on back
  • Puffy heart with engraved dogwood blosson: engraved "G.C. to Goldie" on back
  • Repoussee puffy heart with blue glass stone: engraved "Claude S." on back *
  • Repousse puffy heart with four flowers: engraved "L.M. on back

All except "*" marked or tested as sterling Willamette Artisan Jewelry

Item O 201: total weight 18.3 grams

Price: $178


Sweet Nothings- NEW


A sweet necklace (hard to photograph!) with colorful sterling enameled charms resembling the classic Sweethearts Valentines candy. Sweethearts candies were first made back in 1901, though the pithy expressions have been updated regularly. "LOL" is a big favorite now!

California: likely 1980s


  • "Kiss Me" green enamelled heart
  • "Be Mine" yellow enamelled heart
  • "Sweetheart" lavender enamelled heart
  • "Forever" pink enamelled heart
  • "Me N You" aqua enamelled heart

All marked sterling

Item O 203: total weight 34.3 grams

Price: $98


Red Sky at Night- NEW

There's a wise old saying for mariners: "Red sky at night, sailor's delight" red sky in morning, sailor's warning." This necklace is filled with a diverse collection of boat charms for smooth sailing.

Pennsylvania: 1940s-1960s


  • motorboat
  • wide canoe with red enamel seats
  • small sailboat
  • narrow canoe or kayak with paddle
  • large sailboat with movable sail
  • cruise ship
  • speedboat
  • viking ship
  • rowboat with paddles

All charms marked or tested as sterling by Willamette Artisans Jewelry

Item O 154: total weight 21.9 grams

Price: $128



First, Womens Army Corps- NEW

 New York: 1940s

"I guess I always blazed my own path. When the war began right after high school, I signed up for the Women's Army Corps. I didn't know the WACs were controversial at the time, but later learned such fears as (in the words of a southern congressman) 'Who will then do the cooking,the washing, the mends, the humble homey tasks to which every woman has devoted herself?' Well, the country survived.

After the war, I went to college, became a librarian and married. In my forties, I learned to play the piano. I wonder what else I could have tried if my life had been longer?"


  • Acorn (for good luck and strength)
  • Harp
  • Puffy Heart "Forget Me Not"
  • Violin
  • Horseshoe
  • Lyre

All charms marked sterling silver.

Item S 136: total weight 9.2 grams

Price $98


My Two Moms- NEW

"When my Mom was battling dementia, I became friends with the older woman who helped care for her. She treated my mom as if she were taking care of her own mother. When Mom died, my friend said she'd stand in as my "other mother" and she did. She now has dementia herself and is in a nursing home. This bracelet includes charms from both my mothers. I am grateful to have had them both in my life."

Maryland: 1950s-1960s


  • Movable typewriter
  • green enameled four leaf clover
  • Movable piano
  • Marriage certificate "Betty and Ken, 7-24-65"
  • Charles W. Morgan whaling ship with "Mystic Seaport, Conn." flag
  • Movable Ferris wheel marked Wien (Vienna)
  • Movable spiral-bound book engraved "This is my life"*
  • bowling pin
  • "I'll Never Stop Loving You": disk
  • Tiny gold tone cage*

All charms except those marked with "*" are marked or testing as sterling silver by Willamette Artisans jewelry.

Item S 166: total weight 46 grams

Price $118


Pearl Harbor Survivor- NEW

"My Uncle Johnny was stationed in Honolulu with the Navy in the 1940s, and he witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor. He and his young wife Norene stayed in Hawaii through the end of the war, and he bought this bracelet for her there. He worked in the shipyards until he retired."

Hawaii: 1940s


  • Ukekele
  • 'Ape leaf
  • Outrigger canoe
  • Enameled hibiscus leaf (ma'o hau hele), state flower of Hawai'i
  • "ALOHA" in letters
  • Hula dancer with movable hips
  • King Kamehameha
  • Diamond Head

All charms are marked or tested sterling.

Item S 157: total weight 15.5 grams

Price $158


Island Chain- NEW

Hawaii: 1940s

This is a rare complete set of island charms that was a popular souvenir for holiday visitors to Hawaii.


  • Nihau
  • Kauai
  • Oahu (with "pearl" marking Honolulu)
  • Molokai
  • Hawaii
  • Maui
  • Lanai

All charms are marked sterling.

Item O 183: total weight 24 grams

Price: $138


Young, in Love, in Paris- NEW

This bracelet evokes the music of accordians, the scent of pastry, the uneven texture of cobblestones on old Paris streets through the senses of someone young and in love.

Georgia: 1940s-1960s


  • Music clef
  • Seattle space needle
  • Graduation cap with tassel
  • Eiffel tower
  • Enameled "Paris" shield
  • Thermometer with "WOW" on the back
  • Airplane
  • Diploma
  • Number "21"

All charms marked or tested sterling by Willamette Artisans Jewelry.

Item O-117: total weight 18.4 grams

Price: $108


Frances Forget Me Not

Forget me not bracelets like this one were extremely popular during World War II.  Each link is engraved with a word, all aimed in this case at encouraging "Frances" to remember them. The last link is dated "1945". 

Florida: 1940s

Engraved links:

  • "To"
  • "Frances"
  • "from"
  • "Bill"
  • "Mary"
  • "Billy"
  • "Sis"
  • "Jim"
  • "1945"

All charms are marked sterling.

Item O 186: total weight 17.4 grams

Price- $88


Hollywood Screenwriter

"I grew up in Hollywood, the only child of parents who were both silent movie actors. How ironic, then, that I became a screenwriter in the age of "talkies". I wrote for film, radio and television, including episodes for Lassie, Death Valley Days, The Gene Autry Show and the Roy Rogers Show."

California: 1930s-1950s


  • Man with sombrero on donkey with inlaid turquoise stone
  • Green enameled four leaf clover
  • Quiver of arrows
  • Cowboy on bucking bronco
  • Airplane
  • Heart with arrow
  • Movable cowboy on horse
  • Ballerina
  • “Normandy” enameled coat of arms*
  • Fleur de lis
  • St Christopher disk
  • Pair of baby shoes
  • Bow and arrow

All charms marked or tested as at least 800 silver (a common European grade jewelry silver) by Willamette Artisans Jewelry

Item S-164: total weight 35.3 grams

Price: $178


Virginia's mother Estelle

All charms marked or tested as at least 800 silver (a common European grade jewelry silver) by Willamette Artisans Jewelry


Mackinac Honeymoon

"The first two charms on this bracelet are my favorite: the heart and the Christmas tree. These were on the bracelet when I received it from my best friend in the mid-1960s. The horse and buggy is from Mackinac Island where I spent my honeymoon in 1969. We moved from my home state of Indiana to Chicago and 1970, so I have charms from both places. We've since moved back to Indiana- Go, Hoosiers!"

Indiana: 1960s-1970s


  • Two palm tress
  • Aquarius bubble charm*
  • Enameled Indiana map
  • Horse drawn buggy, “Mackinac” engraved on canopy
  • Marina City Chicago
  • Toy soldier
  • Christmas tree
  • Raised “Holy Family” disk
  • Palm tree with “Daytona Beach” flag
  • Washington D.C. map
  • Ivory guilloche enameled heart with pink rose
  • Lunar landing module
  • Movable beer stein with “Kings Island, Ohio” tag

All charms except those with an asterisk are marked or tested as sterling silver by Willamette Artisans Jewelry

Item S-138: total weight 30.3 grams

Price $98