Throughout history, charms have expressed memories and promises, powers and dreams. Charm bracelets have been fashionable for over a century: in the 1950s, half of American women had one! Each collection of charms has a unique story to tell about a place, a time and a life.

But today, these stories are fading away.The imaginative craftsmanship of individual charms has made them a popular collectible worth, for some people, dismantling a whole bracelet just to remove a coveted charm. Furthermore, because silver is now commanding record prices, vintage jewelry is increasingly being sold as scrap and melted down.  Call us sentimental, but this makes us sad!

The Charm Bracelet Rescue Project rescues vintage sterling charm bracelets from the scrap furnace and honors the role of charms in transmitting stories across generations. We gather their histories, and upcycle them into uniquely wearable art for modern living.

Through the Rescue Project, you get history, culture and charm, in the form of warmly patinated well-loved jewelry, including:

  • vintage sterling charm bracelets converted whole into necklaces, made in a way that you can still wear them in their original bracelet form as well. Where we have been able to trace the history, you get the backstory as well.
  • Small themed pendants and other items made of vintage sterling charms culled from bracelets that have lost their history. 
  • Custom items made with vintage charms or charm bracelets you may already have in your family. 

Welcome! Please explore, discover and consider rescuing a charming story that moves you, to keep or gift to a special friend.